Astaroth / 静寂に凍る光 by Masaki Hirokawa / 廣川政樹
Title of work: Astaroth / 静寂に凍る光
Year of creation: Sep 2020
Dimensions: 72 x 102 cm (Height x Width)
Medium: Digital Media
Technique: Photo collage

When I created this work, the city's stores were being replaced or abandoned due to infectious diseases. I recall walking through the quietly changing and desolate streets, conceiving and silently working on this artwork. What I can assert is that the gaze of the characters in this artwork emanates not negative emotions like sadness or loneliness, but an eternal, unchanging strength. The human mind inherently possesses a self-preservation instinct that often resists change and perceives it as stress. However, I could only view these changes as positive harbingers, convinced that the world was ascending to a higher dimension amidst pain. Although there may be a longing to return to the original world, I deeply value the adaptability and resilience of human beings. Despite the ongoing challenges in the world, transitioning to a better realm involves gradual ascents and descents. I hope you will not succumb to the forces pushing you backward but continue advancing into a new world. I believe in the strength of humanity and the advent of a peaceful and blessed future.


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