Dreaming / 夢想花 by Masaki Hirokawa / 廣川政樹
Title of work: Dreaming / 夢想花
Year of creation: Jan 2020
Dimensions: 43 x 64 cm (Height x Width)
Medium: Digital Media
Technique: Photo collage

During dreams, it is said that we briefly visit the other side. Reality is governed by the concepts of time and space, yet these do not exist in dreams. Thus, the realm of dreams may be considered the true state of the universe, evoking Zhuangzi’s tale of “The Butterfly Dream.” Modern science posits that the universe originated from thought. Our perceived reality is founded upon highly ambiguous elements, making the boundary between reality and unreality remarkably thin. However, maintaining a balance between common sense and absurdity, while being mindful of their fine line, could be crucial.


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