A Regenerated World / 新世界 by Masaki Hirokawa / 廣川政樹
Title of work: A Regenerated World / 新世界
Year of creation: May 2020
Dimensions: 72 x 117 cm (Height x Width)
Medium: Digital Media
Technique: Photo Collage

This artwork was created in the hope for a new, arriving age. The world is transforming its expressions at a furious pace as it attempts to attain evolution, and in that process, in that result, we can glimpse various aspects, or facets. Toward this new era, we may feel anxiety, bewilderment, anticipation, and peace. All of those emotions are imbued within this two-dimensional design.


ITSLIQUID International Contest - 11th Edition
Presented by: ITSLIQUID Group
Awarded an Honorable Mention

Source of photograph material

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