Glance / 視線 by Masaki Hirokawa / 廣川政樹
Title of work: Glance / 視線
Year of creation: Aug 2020
Dimensions: 90 x 145 cm (Height x Width)
Medium: Digital Media
Technique: Photo Collage

This artwork was created in an attempt to embody the depths of the human psyche within society. Within the eyes of every person resides a soul, as well as the ability to perceive and distinguish the past and present lives of all people. All things, all matters, are not "known," but in fact, "remembered."
There is either a natural order, or a defiance of fate and order, in the encounters which occur between people. Even if the person in question turns out to be a good match for you in this life, such a relationship can turn out to be good or bad depending on the timing of it. Just as two people who appear at first glance to be good friends may be maneuvering constantly against one another in the subconscious world, in order to modulate their destinies, relationships will change according to time and circumstances, as each party will do what it can in order to place its own respective soul on a path toward greater learning.
The many eyes depicted in this artwork may perhaps invoke fear in people, or perhaps they may cause one to experience feelings of love. No matter what impression they make, the eyes are the mirror of the soul; the here and now exists because of God's love and design, and all things exist in order to fulfill the greater purpose of developing the soul.


ITSLIQUID International Contest - 12th Edition
Presented by ITSLIQUID Group
Awarded an Honorable Mention

Source of photograph material

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