Quiet / 静粛 by Masaki Hirokawa / 廣川政樹
Title of work: Quiet / 静粛
Year of creation: Jul 2020
Dimensions: 84 x 68 cm (Height x Width)
Medium: Digital Media
Technique: Photo collage

The latter part of the Heart Sutra advises, "Proclaim: the mind disappears, the soul calms, everything is here, it is transcendent. Enlightenment may be achieved then. Everything is accomplished in this mantra." It suggests that there is no need to worry.
All phenomena, the evolution and activities of all creatures, even the five senses and consciousness that humans possess, can be easily reproduced. How we perceive and hear things varies from person to person. Even universal value standards have been strictly regulated without our knowledge since ancient times.
Especially at the singularity of space and time, all physical laws become invalid, and a single electron may leap beyond time and space to constitute the entire universe. A hyperdimensional cube encompassing three-dimensional space can exist, thus the Eastern mystical teaching that "everything is one" may always have been correct.
Perhaps we are merely shadows, and the world we see may lack substance. Everything exists within nothingness, and pain, hardship, and our fluctuating emotions may merely be capricious illusions.
Since this world is inherently empty, it's essential to live without resisting the passage of time. However, no one can see the future, and living without harboring anxiety in one's heart is challenging.
Nevertheless, I believe that the process of delighting in the unseen, never forgetting dreams, fantasies, and compassion within the illusion, and living passionately is indeed noble. Even if this world is chaotic and full of lies, accept everything as a matter of course and cherish even the fear within you. Nirvana is always by the side of everyone's hearts.


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