Global Art Virtuoso: Elite Artistic Career Achievement Award - Presented by: Contemporary Art Collectors
Masaki Hirokawa / 廣川政樹 - Global Art Virtuoso: Elite Artistic Career Achievement Award Winner - Contemporary Art Collectors
I am honored to have been awarded the "Global Art Virtuoso Award 2024" by Contemporary Art Collectors. I am deeply grateful for this prestigious and fortunate opportunity. This award recognizes the exceptional talent, deep commitment, and innovative approach of artists, and I am truly honored to have received such a valuable acknowledgment. Moving forward, I will continue to explore new expressions, touch people's hearts through art, and convey even the slightest emotions through my works. I am profoundly grateful for the constant support and this unexpected gift, and I thank everyone involved once again.

Contemporary Art Collectors より、国際芸術賞「Global Art Virtuoso Award 2024」を授与いただきました。栄誉ある恵まれた機会に心より感謝いたします。こちらの賞は芸術家の卓越した才能、深いコミットメント、そして革新的なアプローチを称えるものであり、このような有り難い評価を受けたことを大変光栄に思います。今後も新しい表現を追究し、芸術を通じて人々の心に触れ、僅かでも感動を伝え得る作品を制作して参ります。常日頃からの支えと、この予期せぬ贈り物に、改めて御礼申し上げます。
Reclining Buddha / 涅槃像, 2020. Digital Media and Photo Collage, 81 x 64 cm - Masaki Hirokawa / 廣川政樹
Reclining Buddha / 涅槃像, October 2020. Digital Media and Photo Collage, 100 x 80 cm.

I imagine the place of my birth to be so beautiful that I might mistake it for the cosmic ocean. The place at which I finally arrive, where I return. I can no longer hear that song anymore, and I cannot even remember that beloved, nostalgic voice. One day, I shall deliver this soul to Nirvana. Together with the billowing midnight smoke, rising high into the sky.

Archetypus / 元型, 2020. Digital Media and Photo Collage, 120 x 96 cm - Masaki Hirokawa / 廣川政樹
Archetypus / 元型, July 2020. Digital Media and Photo Collage, 140 x 112 cm.

This artwork, titled "Archetypus," explores the theme of "Repetition and a Return to the Archetypal," featuring repeated duplications of a woman adorned with a bird mask, signifying humanity's inherent desires. The piece articulates the necessity of a logical structure underpinning art and civilization itself. In this narrative, logic serves merely as a restraint on the senses, propelling a perpetual cycle akin to reflections in facing mirrors, without an end, merely looping within a nested structure. This endless cycle could well represent the construction of human history, culture, warfare, and conflicts, extending to the cosmos itself.


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