International Career Art Award 2023 - Presented by: Fondazione Effetto Arte
International Career Art Award 2023 Winner
Presented by: Fondazione Effetto Arte
Masaki Hirokawa / 廣川政樹 - International Career Art Award 2023 Winner
My photomontage "Forgotten Sky" has been awarded the international "Career Art Award 2023". I fondly remember the day this work's image came to mind, walking back from a church where I had offered prayers for the world. I am deeply grateful for such a wonderful opportunity.

フォトコラージュ作品「Forgotten Sky / 忘却の眺め」が国際芸術賞「Career Art Award 2023」を受賞いたしました。当時世界への祈りを捧げた教会からの帰り道、この作品のイメージが湧いた日のことを懐かしく覚えています。このような素晴らしい機会を頂戴し、心より感謝申し上げます。
The "Career Art Award 2023" is a prestigious international art award granted by the EFFETTO ARTE Foundation. This award is bestowed upon artists who have demonstrated outstanding achievements and artistic value over many years in the field of art.
The award ceremony, taking place on September 16th, 2023, at the Casino Theatre in Sanremo, is known as an event that brings together collectors, journalists, politicians, and art enthusiasts. It is recognized as one of the most authoritative art awards held in the heart of Sanremo.
The award is curated and selected by Salvatore Russo and Francesco Saverio Russo, who have over twenty years of experience. They assess the career, artistic journey, and the value of the works of artists. Receiving this award signifies significant recognition and appreciation of an artist's artistic journey, marking a substantial progression in their career.
Furthermore, this award shines a spotlight on the artist's work, providing public recognition that their research and creation are worthy of appraisal and acclaim. This, in turn, enhances the attention from collectors and art dealers, contributing to the advancement of the artist's career.
The EFFETTO ARTE Foundation, a leader in the field of contemporary art, enables the recipients to exhibit their works at the world's most prestigious venues, including the Eiffel Tower in Paris, the M.E.A.M. Museum in Barcelona, the Diocesano Museum in Mantova, the Grande Scuola della Misericordia and San Teodoro in Venice, and the Castel dell'Ovo in Naples. Winning this award on such an international stage is of great significance for an artist, serving as a significant encouragement in their artistic endeavors.

Career Art Award 2023」は、EFFETTO ARTE財団によって授与される名誉ある国際芸術賞です。この賞は、長年にわたる芸術分野での卓越した業績と芸術的価値を持つアーティストを対象に贈られます。
EFFETTO ARTE財団は現代芸術の分野でのリーダーであり、受賞者の作品を世界の最も権威ある展示会場であるパリのエッフェル塔、バルセロナのM.E.A.M.博物館、マントヴァの Diocesano博物館、ヴェネツィアの Grande Scuola della Misericordiaや San Teodoro、ナポリの Castel dell'Ovoでの展示を行っています。このような国際的な舞台での受賞は、アーティストにとって非常に意義深いものであり、その芸術活動のさらなる励みとなります。
Award-winning works: 
Title of work: Forgotten Sky / 忘却の眺め
Year of creation: Aug 2020
Dimensions: 62 x 62 cm (Height x Width)
Medium: Digital Media
Technique: Photo collage

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