Title of work: Faith / 盲信
Year of creation: Nov 2019
Dimensions: 66 x 66 cm (Height x Width)
Medium: Digital Media
Technique: Photo collage

As the saying goes, "Until you are seven years old, you are God's" and God was the one I talked to in my childhood. I am ashamed to say that it is no different when I grew up. God is love that encompasses all things, good, evil, beautiful, and ugly. Love is energy. Energy is quantifiable. Numbers are art in their precision. In other words, God is everywhere as a material being. To live in this material world, we must keep the game of convenience reality, keeping the whereabouts of the soul in the dark. But God is within everyone, and everyone is equally God's eyes and ears. We are all separate from God. There is no higher or lower, no superior or inferior, each is one and worthy. No matter how distorted the reality around us may seem or how lonely and painful the present may be, we were all born blessed.


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