I am pleased to announce that my work has been featured in the International Art Yearbook, World Art Guide 2023, published by Bellamonti Art. The quality of the works by other featured artists is truly remarkable, making this one of the rare art yearbooks of exceptional quality. I am deeply grateful for the meticulous editing and color correction carried out by the team.

Bellamonti Art より刊行された国際美術年鑑 World Art Guide 2023 に作品を掲載いただきました。他の掲載アーティストの方々の作品も非常に素晴らしく、稀に見るクオリティの美術年鑑に仕上がっております。丁寧に編集と色校正をしていただき、心より感謝いたします。
The World Art Guide was not initially planned, but we heard the voices of the artists loud and clear, and decided to make it happen.
The World Art Guide 2023 is the first book in the WAG-series and the third book in our Art Guide-series. It showcases the exceptional talent of 102 extraordinary artists from around the world. This comprehensive art book will be distributed to more than 100 esteemed art galleries, museums, and collectors. It serves as a valuable tool to celebrate and promote artists on a global scale. The cover features the talented artist Marta Carceller and her piece "Sisters," chosen to inspire hope for a new day in the current world situation.
We are currently accepting applications for the World Art Guide 2024. The first application period is open until 30th June 2023, and the second application period will continue until the book is full.
For the list of recipients who will receive the World Art Guide 2023, please refer to the following link: here.
The company is run by us, the spouses Gina Cinnamoni & Linus Cinnamoni, located in Viken, Sweden, who together have almost 20 years of experience from the art business. We know what it's like to be the gallery owner after running Galleri Cinnamoni in the city of Helsingborg. We also know what it's like to be an artist, since we both are experienced in participating in exhibitions, promoting art, selling art and keeping in touch with potential clients online. With these experiences combined, Bellamontiart guides you as an artist into the art world with pure love for the art and respect for you as a striving artist.

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